Shorter Work Weeks, New Year’s Resolutions for HR, and the Employee Perk That Matters Most

Does a Shorter Workweek Equal More Productivity?

The work times are a’changing, at least in North Europe. Before becoming the Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin often advocated for a six-hour, four-day workweek. Next door, Sweden has had six-hour work days since 2015, and the results have been surprising.

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2020 New Year’s Resolutions for HR

Getting more exercise, learning another language, volunteering once a month: These are the standard New Year’s resolutions we make every January. But professional resolutions are important too. At SHRM, Kathy Gurchiek talks about the resolutions some HR professionals are making this year.

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Bill Gates and Harvard Agree This Perk Is the Most Important

Harvard Business School’s new study has found that one simple perk makes employees more productive and loyal. Before Harvard even started this study, Bill Gates said the perk helps companies retain their best employees. So what is this magical perk?

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