Lessons from Mr. Rogers, Strides in Paternity Leave, and 10 HR Practices You Need to Stop

What HR Can Learn from Mr. Rogers

In complicated and difficult times, the simple, kind messages of Mr. Rogers can feel comforting. The folks at Human Resources Executives talk about how HR professionals can apply those messages in their work.

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The First Sitting Japanese Cabinet Member to Take Paternity Leave

Japan’s environmental minister, Shinjiro Koizumi, will take two weeks of paternity when his son is born later this month. Even though Japan has some of the most generous paternity leave on Earth, few dads take advantage of it. Government officials hope Koizumi’s decision to use his leave will encourage more men to do the same.

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Please Stop Doing the Following

Planning parties? Justifying your work culture? Kathy Rapp at Fistful of Talent says knock it off.

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