Bark-Friendly Businesses, the Aflac Duck Turns Twenty, and Super Bowl Recovery

What Has Four Legs and Improves Retention?

Companies large and small starting to allow dogs in the office. Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase are just a few of the big names offering this perk. While pets in the workplace might sound like a bit much, the research has shown that the perk offers plenty of benefits for both employers and dog-owning employees.

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Happy Birthday, Aflac Duck!

The ubiquitous scratchy-voiced Aflac duck turns twenty this week. Over those two decades, the duck has helped Aflac raise its stock by 325%. Aflac’s mascot has led the way for insurance ads using humor to sell and given Aflac incredible brand recognition.

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Super Bowl Sick Day

According to a survey hosted by the Workforce Institute, more than 17.5 million Americans missed work on the Monday after the Super Bowl. Managers are no stranger to the post-game day absence, and some employers are starting to wonder if Super Bowl Monday should become a national holiday.

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